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Every artist dreams of opening for one of their musical icons. This May, that dream will become a reality for Michael McArthur.

McArthur, a Lakeland native, will be the opening act for The Beach Boys when they play Tiger Town on May 2. The concert is sponsored by The Rotary Clubs of Lakeland in an effort to raise money for a new playground at Lake Parker.

“As far as I know Mike Love has listened to my music,” McArthur said. “And that’s a dream.”

McArthur has grown up singing and has been dreaming of performing on stage since high school.

“I was a singer first,” McArthur said. “I’ve always had big dreams of being on stage so I started playing guitar in high school to sing my own stuff. [I’ve] been writing songs since.”

Aside from The Beach Boys, McArthur has been inspired by other soulful and pop artists. These include Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and James Taylor.

“I’ve been inspired by so many people,” McArthur said. “All it takes is one song. If it moves me and if it grabs me by the soul then I’m interested and I want to know more.”

McArthur sings mostly pop, soul, and singer/songwriter music. He will release his new album Magnolia at the Polk Theatre. This album will have a soulful feel and McArthur hopes that listeners enjoy the rhythm and instrumentation.

The record is an eclectic mix of genres, from country to folk and pop to rock. McArthur wanted the album to be something that listeners could “bop their heads to”.

“Soulful vocals, catchy melodies, raw and organic instrumentation, and rhythms that’ll make your head bob,” McArthur said.

McArthur is excited about his release show on April 10.

“Being a native Lakelander I’ve had this recurring daydream about performing at the Polk,” McArthur said. “It’s a beautiful place with a magical history and I can’t think of a better venue for the release show.”

For anyone aspiring to be a singer or musician, McArthur says to be ambitious, but don’t forget that your heart may be broken.

“Do it with reckless abandon,” McArthur said. “You get your heart shattered then put back together over and over again. As long as you trust the road and never stop moving down it you’ll be just fine.”

Tickets for his performance with The Beach Boys can be found on McArthur’s album release show tickets are being sold at Black and Brew coffee shop for $10. To listen to some of his music, check out his website


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